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Helping Georgia & Florida homeowners put their lives back together after a loss is our mission. From review to negotiations, we handle the entire claim process on your behalf! 


Types of claims we handle

We have experience adjusting a wide range of losses. Put our experience on your side today!

Water Damage

Pipe Burst? Water damaged interior? Let us help you!

Fire Damage

Fire Damaged your home? Get what you're entitled to!

Storm Damage

Lightning or hurricane, we can help you!

Mold Damage

Mold can cause serious health issues. Get your claim resolved today

What our clients are saying about us

I am glad I chose to work with Banhan & Mason. They took over my claim & obtained a settlement in a reasonable amount of time.

Paul G.

Banhan & Mason did a great job with my claim after the insurance company gave me a bogus offer. I can finally put my kitchen back together!

Joyanne C.

I was about to give up after dealing with the insurance company. I didn't believe I could get more money, but Banhan & Mason proved me wrong. Thank you!!

Juan A.

Official Public Adjusters of The Delray Beach Florida Public Library

Banhan & Mason has been trusted by many homeowners for professional & honest representation.

When the city of Delray Beach needed assistance with their claim for the local public library, we made it our mission to deliver a swift & transparent claim handling process.

After much work, we were awarded a settlement that helped the library make proper repairs to their building.

Why Use A Public Adjuster?

Facing the insurance company by yourself can be intimidating & frustrating for most policyholders. At Banhan & Mason, we understand that after a loss, your main focus is on putting your home back to pre-loss condition.

The role of a public adjuster is to represent the policyholder in good faith against their insurance company. We fight to obtain a proper settlement from the insurance company so you can put your life & home back together.

Florida Public Adjuster

The Process Simplified:

Wondering how this whole thing works? No problem!

If you’ve received a low offer, denial, or maybe a notice that says your claim is under your policy deductible, then we can review your claim for free.

What We Do:

In this process, we review why your insurance company came to their decision on your claim. We review your documents, policy & damages to see if we’re able to help you with your claim

Public Adjusting Services

Once we’ve determined that we can assist you in your claim, we then signup with us. A letter of representation will be issued for your review & signature.

What We Do:

Our letter of representation is submitted to the insurance to the insurance company to show that we will be handling the claim on your behalf.

We also perform a free inspection of your property, followed by a detailed inspection report. This figure will be the basis of your claim

Public Adjusting Services

In this process, we submit our findings to the insurance company adjuster for review. We then work towards a fair settlement.

What We Do:

In this step, we work towards negotiating a fair settlement with the insurance company based on our report. If we must, we will either invoke appraisal or litigation

Public Adjusting Services

Once settled, your check will be issued after a release is signed. A release form “releases” the insurance company from the claim.

The claim process is over & you can finally begin making repairs on your home!

Public Adjusting Services

Why Work With Us?

Serving Florida Homeowners With Honesty & Integrity 

The insurance claim process can be a lengthy & very complicated one. We understand that as a homeowner you’ve gone through enough stress. As your advocate, our mission is to obtain the full amount you’re owed.

About us
About us

No Recovery, No Fee

We get paid when you get paid. If we can't recover anything, then no fee is owed to us

Customer Service

Frequent updates & answers to your questions is what our business is built on

We Work For You

We handle the claim process so you don't have to. Leave the process to us!

Common Questions Property Owners Have

What is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is a claim advocate for the policyholder. Insurance companies have adjusters that work in their interest. A public adjuster works in your interest

What are the fees?

We work on a contingency basis only. This means that if we are not successful in recovering any money from your claim, there is no fee paid to us.

How will my damages be estimated?

We write our own estimates in-house. Every client gets a free inspection followed by a detailed damaged report which will be the basis of our claim 

Do you take any money that i already recovered?

No! Any money you’ve recovered before we get involved is yours! We only take our fee out of money that we help recover for you

How long will the process take?

Dealing with property insurance claims can be a short or lengthy process depending on your claim & the insurance company. When you speak with us, we can help give you a much more clear roadmap for the process of your specific claim.

I have more questions!

Contact our office today by phone or by the contact page & we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our services or your claim

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