Finding an adjuster you can trust is not an easy decision. But we are here to ensure you that Banhan & Mason is the right choice when it comes to your claim.

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How We 10X'd A Settlement For A Miami Homeowner

After water damage casued series problems for a Miami homeowners, Banhan & Mason was able to recover 10x what the insurance company offered

22,208 Reasons why it pays to have a second look at your claim

After a storm caused damage to his home, Mr. Juan did not believe getting more money was possible. See how Banhan & Mason was able to give him a new persective. 

$17k Settlement In Under 60 Days. Keeping Claims Simple

After a pipe leak caused damage to Mr. Paul’s ceiling, he thought it would take months to see a reasonable settlement. Banhan & Mason showed him otherwise.

From zero to hero! How we turned around this homeowner’s windstorm claim

After a windstorm caused damage to this homeowner’s property, the insurance company deemed it as being under the deductible. Banhan & Mason thought otherwise.

Turning a stalled claim into a settlement for this GA homeowner

After a surprise water leak caused damage to this homeowner’s property, this GA homeowner was unsure as to what to do next. See how we were able to help him!

15,000 reasons why your small claim might be worth it

After experiencing damage to his bathroom, our client contacted our firm to aid him in his claim. Despite being a small claim, we were able to obtain the funds needed to for our client to repair his home.

Certain names & dates in some of the case studies may have been changed to protect the identity of the homeowners

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