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  • Bad sewer smells
  • Mold build-up

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Banhan & Mason did a great job with my claim after the insurance company gave me a bogus offer. I can finally put my kitchen back together!

Joyanne C.

What homeowners should know about cast iron pipes.

Limited Lifespan

Cast iron plumbing lines typically have a limited lifespan of about 50-65 years. After this time period, the plumbing lines begin to break & deteriorate.

Backups & Overflows

Many homeowners who have cast iron plumbing experience issues such as backups, overflows & slow drains. They frequently need to have their lines cleared.

Mold Build-up

Some homeowners who don’t have their homes inspected may later find mold in areas where the cast iron plumbing drain lines failed.

There is No Fee Unless We Get You Money

We only get paid if you get paid. If we are unsuccessful in obtaining a settlement for your claim, then you do not have to pay anything!

Here at Banhan & Mason, we are dedicated to our client’s success. It is our mission to perform in the best interest of our clients. We want our clients to feel safe, secure & informed working with us.

What if I am unsure about the condition of my pipes?

Most homeowners are unaware of the condition of their cast iron drain lines. That is why we offer free property inspections before we file your claim.

Our inspector will look for many of the common signs of damages caused by a failing cast iron plumbing system

What You Can Expect From Us

Call today & learn how we’re able to adjust many homeowner claims within 30-90 days. We review, estimate, negotiate & settle your claim!

Professional Claim Review

We review your claim, the damages your home sustained & your insurance policy


Our clients enjoy claim transparency & constant communication 

Free Inspection

We review your claim, the damages your home sustained & your insurance policy

Florida Public Adjuster

Obtain The Funds Needed To Repair Your Home

According to a 2005 oppaga report, Public adjusters were able to recover much more money for homeowners than what the insurance company offered.

Our services & past clients are proof that having a professional & trustworthy Public adjuster on your side is key to obtaining the funds needed to repair your property.

Official Public Adjusters of The Delray Beach Florida Public Library

Banhan & Mason has been trusted by many homeowners for professional & honest representation.

When the city of Delray Beach needed assistance with their claim for the local public library, we made it our mission to deliver a swift & transparent claim handling process.

After much work, we were awarded a settlement that helped the library make proper repairs to their building.

Florida Public Adjuster

About Us.

Banhan & Mason is a licensed & bonded Public adjusting firm that helps homeowners recover more money from their insurnace company after a loss.

For us, the real win is seeing the smile we help put on a homeowners face when they learn that they can repair their home & put their lives back together after a claim.

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After paying so much for insurance, filing a claim for my damages only made sense. After not getting anything for my claim, Banhan & Mason got me enough money to fix ALL of my damages!

Bernadette C.

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