How to get the most for your roof claim

How to get the most for your roof claim

Windstorms & hail are the most common reasons behind most roof claims. While many homeowners file insurance claims for their damages, only a few are able to obtain the right amount of money needed to properly repair their roof.

In this post, we are going to break down the steps you can take to maximize your roof claim payout.


1: Document & photograph any damages you see

While it may difficult & often dangerous to climb on your roof, many damages can be seen from the ground or inside your home. 

The first step to properly preparing any good insurance claim is to document all the damages. Along with storm claims also come damage to things like your fence. Make sure to include everything you are claiming to avoid issues further down the road.


2:Review your policy for storm or hail related damages

After documenting all the damages & filing a claim, you then want to review your policy for storm or hail related damages. You want to ensure that not just your roof is covered, but other things like interior damage or fencing are also included. 


3: Know the insurance company investigations limitation

States such as Florida & Georgia have strict limitations as to the length of time allowed for an insurance company to make a coverage decision.

For example, in the state of Georgia, the insurance company has up to 30 days to pay or deny a claim after it has been reported.

Don’t let the insurance company play around with your home that you’ve worked hard for. Make sure to write down the exact day you filed your claim.


4: Consider hiring a public adjuster

If all else fails & the insurance company is not offering a reasonable figure to repair your roof, then it may be time to look into hiring a Public adjuster.

Just like the insurance company has its own adjuster, a public adjuster works to investigate your claim, put together an estimate & negotiate on your behalf.



Roof claims can be an extensive undertaking for a homeowner. However, by educating yourself & documenting everything, your chances of success can be much higher than someone who may blindly trust the insurance company with everything.

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